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Representing Clients in Environmental Litigation

Who We Are

We are a leading firm in environmental law, with decades of experience in complex remediation, litigation and mediation.

We represent individuals, businesses, and other entities in state and federal courts and agencies, in matters that involve:

Environmental and Land Use Litigation

Toxic Tort Litigation

Associated Commercial Litigation

We also mediate these matters.

What We Do

We represent clients in litigation -- civil, criminal, and administrative -- focusing primarily on environmental law, toxic torts, and associated commercial litigation, principally in the southeastern United States.

We also counsel clients nationwide, helping them to manage their businesses in a manner that minimizes the risk that any business practice will either be frustrated by governmental action or lead to the release of a hazardous substance that triggers governmental enforcement action or a private party lawsuit

Governmental enforcement action in an environmental matter, whether it takes the form of an emergency response action or the detention of a vessel, is often triggered by an unexpected release of a pollutant.  Time is of the essence in managing the response to such action. The Firm brings to bear thirty years of focused experience representing clients facing such circumstances and the lawsuits that follow these events. Clients may contact us for time critical advice in these matters with confidence.

We also provide mediation services, helping others to find innovative solutions to complex challenges.